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1 Howell Ave
Bisbee, AZ 85603
(520) 432-1910
Five stars for four reasons:  1. The Table Side Made Guacamole -- its what God orders when he/she wants Guac. Hands down the best I've ever had, esp. if Dave makes it for you. I'll go back to this place for the Guac…

39 Howell Ave
Bisbee, AZ 85603
(520) 234-5921
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and still huge (think in an apartment) and i fell in love with the high cellings and windows...the location is great, close to St Elmo Bar, Copper Queen Hotel, Santiagos, and all the interesting places in Bisbee...they
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35 reviews
2 Copper Queen Plz
Bisbee, AZ 85603
(520) 432-6788
I came here with my mother in law and we both loved it!  We went for dinner after wandering around Bisbee for a few hours. Our waiter was SO nice and very friendly. Answered all of our dumb questions about the town and… 
This place is amazing!!   The service is great and the people are very friendly.  I loved their location in a historic building in Bisbee.  I have eaten there a number of times and every time I go to Bisbee I plan to go there.


Not bad.  These guys have the title of Grille, but they are actually a little bit further than that.

My companion had the meatloaf and mashed potatoes which was excellent.

I had the spicy pasta.  It was pretty darn good.

We also had some of the local beer... and beer is good, so that's a given.

Definitely a good place to go while in Bisbee.

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I lvoe this place. Most of the time the service is a bit slow, but it's always worth it for the food. I tried this place on a whim, it was the only restaurant that didn't look derelict in the charming old town bisbee area. My friends and I tried just about everything on the menu, a mini pizza, mozerella sticks, everything we got was PHENOMENAL topped off by AMAZING dessert.
I went back. This time we tried the bowtie spicy pasta diablo... ok I dont remember the name, with chicken. Oh, dear, goodness. I LOVE this pasta, I crave it in my sleep. I always get bread pudding there. I once went vegetarian and got a veggie burger there that was absolutely SPLENDID!!!!!!
What isnt?! There is nothing bad on this menu, I feel.
I love it!!!!

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There's a talented chef in the kitchen.  Delicious.
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What is it about deep, rich wood paneling mixed with greens and reds that makes such a luxurious relaxed feel? Whatever it is, Bisbee Grille has got it. For as beautiful as the setting is and how white shirt gorgeous the waiters are this restaurant is surprisingly casual. You can go in with jeans and t-shirts and fit right in.

The food was delicious. Um, my mom is the queen of making mashed potatoes and she was even in awe of their garlic mashers. There are vegetarian options on the menu and I ended up with a black bean burger with an avocado spread and a side of pasta salad. Absolutely wonderful. It is nice to not have to have a horrible boca patty or a normal ol' gardenburger shoved on a bun and not really tasting like anything I couldn't make at home. Desserts looked delicious, but we didn't have room!

I would definitely come back here.

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I was traveling through Bisbee on a solo sojourn so I decided to hunker down at their bar for a bite. It's not really a bar-bar, more like the place the waitress goes to pour her drinks but there was a TV in the corner to dumbly stare at while I waited for my food. I read the local paper to keep myself busy as I tired not to feel so awkward eating by myself and took in the atmosphere.

I ordered a buffalo burger since it was new to the menu and I love eating American icons. It didn't take long to come out -- then again it was late in the evening and not really crowded so this may not be the case on a busy weekend -- and it was quite a tasty burger, certainly worth the 11 dollars. As other reviewers have mentioned, the beer battered fries were excellent. I normally don't finish my fries but I sat there scooping up each one individually and savored every last bite.

I can't complain about $6 glasses of wine, although the selection was a litte weak, but anyway, I had two glasses to go with the burger and chatted the bartender up a little before scooting off into the night. The vibe of the place is... shall we say 'casual elegance'. Prices quite reasonable for a tourist destination I think.

Overall it was a good meal, in a beautiful room, in a cool, little eccentric town. No complaints from this yelper.

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Big, big, big, small, and enormous. Ma got a BIG gyro. The Babe got a BIG (or should I say thick-breaded) grilled cheese sandwich, with BIG chunky fries. I got three small but tasty fish (... with my BIG chips), and an enormous (think Big Gulp) glass of water.

We had a big laugh when the server put down my two-year-old's little drink, my mom's regular sized Thai iced tea, and then BAM! my big honker-of-a-drink.

All the grilled/fried items were yummy - super crispy on the outside while tender on the inside. I didn't taste the gyro (I don't do lamb), but the portion was fantastic and Mom didn't stop until it was all gone.

In a nutshell - good food; good service.

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Bisbee Grille is one of the top 5 restaurants in Bisbee, they try to get as much of their produce from the farmers market, and has great atmosphere. A good site to go to is the following:


The best thing about the Grille is that it is centrally located.